TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The city of Tyler is working to improve the flow of traffic downtown.

Street signal improvements and a traffic study were presented during Wednesday’s city council meeting with work that started back in 2020.

The city of Tyler Traffic Engineer Cameron Williams said the overall project aims to replace older systems. 

“It’s really about modernizing our traffic signal system,“ said Johnson. “Replacing older equipment to make things work better.”

This year, the project is focusing on numerous equipment upgrades.

The downtown traffic study wants to make traveling in the area more efficient. The council supported the option known as the “Hybrid Tapered Approach,” which keeps the current number of vehicle lanes at the edge of Downtown and tapers the lanes down as a driver approaches the Square. 

Courtesy of the city of Tyler

Option 2 would also take Broadway Avenue from four lanes at the Front Street intersection down to three lanes and then to two lanes by the time a driver reaches Erwin Street.

“The analysis of the hybrid option showed Broadway Avenue maintaining roughly the same vehicular capacity compared to the existing road conditions while improving facilities for pedestrians and bicyclists and allowing businesses to extend outdoor storefronts,” according to a release from the city.

The Metropolitan Planning Organization Director Michael Howell said the study aims to find a system that will work for everyone.   

“[We’re] trying to find an option that would really be able to convey the traffic throughout the downtown,” said Howell. “Also be able to find a way to consolidate the underutilized aspects of the streets and the right of way and give that back to the pedestrians to make downtown a more of a destination and make it more pedestrian and bike-friendly. ” 

City council is also supporting the possibility of mini-roundabouts in Tyler instead of an initial option that would have reduced traffic on Broadway down to two lanes. 

“From a efficiency standpoint, it really works well,” added Howell. 

Howell said the city has even submitted grant requests to try to get future funding.   

He’s hopeful that we could see construction in the coming years to re-energize the heart of the city. 

You can view the full Downtown Traffic Study presentation at this link.