MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) – For 102 years, the Historic Select Theater has been a center of entertainment for East Texans.

“Movies. Moving picture shows, magic lantern shows have been shown on this geographical location since the mid-1800s. Before the building was even built in 1920,” says President of Lake Country Playhouse Inc., Jeff Hurley.

The property is in need of critical restoration after multiple factors have led to the slow decline of the theater’s physical structure.

“Years of rain and storms and even a tornado actually took the roof off this building during a movie in 1963. The roof was found about 3 blocks from here and was brought back and reinstalled which makes it really fun getting around in the attic” said Hurley.

In 1948, there was a substantial remodel done where a 25-foot neon tower was placed on top of the theater which could be seen for miles. The theater is now hoping to raise enough money to save this historical landmark.

“The sealant has gotten hard. We started getting some water entering the building from the tower. We also noticed that when we redid all of the neon about a year and a half ago, that some of the porcelain panels were beginning to buckle”, said Hurley.

They hope to complete a full restoration of the building before the rainy season in the Spring, though the funds are estimated to cost up to $60,000. To raise the funds, the theater will host a Family Fun Day followed by a Charity Auction Night on Saturday, Feb. 5.

“All day long there is going to be a kids program. From storytelling, puppet shows, things like that all day long. We will have a kid’s auction early so that the kids can get involved and buy some cool kid stuff”, said Hurley.

The Theater is accepting donations from classic movie items in intact condition to coupons from local businesses. Anything to help preserve the theater that will bring entertainment and happy memories to East Texans for many more years to come.

All proceeds from the Family Fun Day and Auction Night will go to the Theater and to Kindness Cottage to help others in need.