TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Schools and organizations are kicking off a month of celebrating Hispanic Heritage and sharing it with their communities.

Hila Gama is a realtor and she started Hispanic Heritage Month by helping host a gala at the Tyler Rose Garden Center.

“We celebrate our culture, our language, our food, and it’s not something small, it’s something big, that’s why we want to share for you to have that little taste of what we have on a daily basis, and for our culture to be known,” said Hila Gama, host of the Hispanic Heritage Gala.

The room was filled with music from a mariachi band. Everyone took part in learning Hispanic traditions. Meanwhile at Birdwell Dual Language School, students experienced a new dance.

“It’s just wonderful that we get this opportunity to celebrate different cultures, and have kids exposed to different cultures,” said Lizet Zavala, 3rd grade dual language teacher.

Lizet Zavala a 3rd grade teacher at Birdwell Immersion School in Tyler is glad she gets to share her heritage.

“Throughout the month of September and October we are going to have different activities,” said Zavala.

Students lined the hallways to perform a Mexican folk dance called Raspa.

“We want to make sure that all students understand each other through their cultures because I think it makes our community stronger when we know who we are, and what our strengths are,” said Bobby Markle, principal, of Caldwell Arts Academy.

Caldwell Arts Academy got to learn about the culture through a play put on by Young Audiences of Northeast Texas.

“It’s really to open up culture, it’s a bilingual play, so the students will experience both English and Spanish throughout the production,” said Tasha Prescott, program director of Young Audiences of Northeast Texas

Gama says she is happy more East Texans are getting the chance to experience Hispanic culture through music, clothes and food.

“I hope they take away our legacy. We’re hard-working, and a good example to lead, that is what we want to show everybody. Jesus lives in our hearts and without him, nothing would be possible,” said Gama.

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