TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Seven puppies and their father were found at Lake Palestine two nights ago. Members of the Stewart family came together to feed the dogs and bring them to the Nicholas Pet Haven.

The dogs were under inspection at the Spence & White Veterinary Hospital, where a puppy named Hope had to be hospitalized.

“Hope, that’s what I named her, the really skinny one. She was doing really bad, so I’m guessing it had to do with how bad her worms were,” Ashlynn Stewart, one of the rescuers, said.

The dogs were severely malnourished due to hookworms and tapeworms in their organs, and their ribs were showing extreme signs of muscle loss.

Ashlynn explains what she did as soon as she came across the lot of puppies.

“My dad went and picked them up, we came back, and called Nicholas Pet Haven, and I went and got some wormer, and we gave them all baths,” Ashlynn said.

Nicholas Pet Haven was able to take care of these pets, but they could soon run out of space. That’s why they’re trying to get people to foster these animals to help find them not just foster, but permanent homes.

“I think it’s a good platform to speak from, to understand more about what they can do to help, and maybe spark some interest in the community.” Shannon Stewart, Ashlynn’s father, said.

Experts say dog dumping is nothing new in East Texas.

“The laws already exist, it’s just about law enforcement enforcing them,” Dr. Gary Spence, Veterinarian at Spence & White Veterinarian Hospital, said.

“Pets are considered property, and people dispose of them like they do trash,” Spence said.

Nicholas Pet Haven is willing to foster the pups but could soon run out of space.

“It’s crucial in saving these pets. Without fosters, we can’t save these pets, because everybody is full.”

Spence said they’re not looking for permanent fosters– they’re looking for permanent homes for these pets to save them, and other like them in the future.

For the puppies, Nicholas Pet Haven will try to find them a family to adopt these dogs, and stop dog dumping in the future.