LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – On Thursday, the Longview Exhibit Center was packed with different organizations handing out essential items like socks and even giving haircuts.

One participant, Patricia Younger, said she although she isn’t homeless, her funds are limited and said having an event like the Longview resource day helps her be able to use what little money she has on bills.

“I had cancer on the 25th of August last year,” said Younger. As a survivor, she didn’t let it dull her spirit. “I might have cancer, it doesn’t have me.”

Younger has attended the event since it began four years ago. She brings her dog to get its shots and checkups like many others.

Homelessness has been on the rise across East Texas because of the pandemic and inflation.

“You can just imagine if you are homeless if you have financial difficulties getting around to all of those places is really a challenge,” said Laura Hill, Longview Director of Community Services. “So having it here where someone can go access all the services they may need to get them out of a crisis is critical for this very important population.”

Being able to get all these agencies together in one room is important for those needing help.

“We do provide free mental health counseling. we help with pretty much everything. so anybody can come in at any point no questions asked,” said Amanda Vzveasy, founder of One Love Longview.

One Love Longview was one of several non-profits that attended the event. They provide a variety of services like showers, hair care, and laundry.

Patricia says she’s thankful. “We’ll be back next year to get his shots again……..and everything,” she said and prays that others received the hope they needed.