OVERTON, Texas (KETK) — Several firefighters and the fire chief submitted their resignations from the Overton Volunteer Fire Department. Thursday, they gathered at the city council meeting and were allowed to speak on their concerns that stemmed from decisions and issues made by city management.

Since the initial resignations, two have been rescinded. They said issues started in May when three Overton city council members attempted to resign, but were required to return to their positions through restraining orders.

The now-former assistant fire chief, T.J. Lewis, stated that small-town politics were the reason for several volunteers to quit.  As the first one to resign, Lewis believes communication is the biggest problem.

“There’s a lack of management coming from the top. I think there’s been a couple of people that have been allowed to just roam free and essentially bully their way into different organizations,” said Lewis. “Different departments being able to persuade people into I guess you could say, their agenda.”

Overton residents drew higher concerns when informed volunteers for the city were leaving and feel new changes need to be made.

Three people discussed their concerns during the public forum as council members listened. After voicing their concerns, the meeting continued, “business as usual.”

“There was a lot of accusations thrown behind the scenes that were targeted at me which is where my resignation is coming from,” said Lewis.

The firemen who chose to resign stressed that Overton citizens had no part in this and that this was a call to action for the City Council.  

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