HUGHES SPRINGS, Texas (KETK) – Jodi Taylor was home alone when the tornado ripped through her town.

“You know I was thinking that the house was going to come in on me. I really am thankful that it didn’t, I thank God that it did not,” Taylor said.

She recalls hearing the gushing winds as she stepped outside to see the damage.

“I didn’t see my camper until I walked outside of the car port and I noticed it was turned over,” Taylor said.

Nearby her home, the tornado also left behind a mess at City hall and the Volunteer Fire Department suffered even worse damage.

“It’s disbelief, I still can’t believe it’s happened, but everybodys working hard. Other departments are here today helping out and everything,” Chief Cates said.

The chief confirmed the building to be a total loss.

“One of my fireman was in the building when it hit, he was able to get under a vehicle and ride it out, he wasn’t injured at all,” Cates said.

Fire departments far and wide are driving in to assist with the clean up process.

“We’ve had 15 local departments right now with their hands on, right now at the moment there’s four different fire departments out here,” Cates said.

The community is standing together to pick up the pieces.

“I’m humbled by the community, my friends, my family, just all coming together and helping,” Taylor said.

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