MINEOLA, Texas (KETK) – Bryan’s Cheesecakes has been serving the community of Mineola for over two years. Their extensive menu features recipes created by owner Bryan Mendez. 

Some popular flavors are cheesecake brownie, lemon cheesecake, and Smore’s, but the all-time customer favorite is their classic cheesecake. The small business offers keto options as well. All of the cakes at Bryan’s are prepared by hand at the shop’s personal bakery located in Mineola and decorated in-house. 

A popular item on the menu is their original Monster Shake. The item features a milkshake, cheesecake, choice of candy, and whip cream. 

The sweet treats sold at Bryan’s are different than those you buy at a grocery store. Bryan’s cheesecakes are made without flour, making them creamier than your average cheesecake. The local business also uses a cookie crust rather than the usual graham cracker crust most cakes have. 

“Bryan came up with all of the recipes and all of the flavor combinations himself,” Jonathan Mireles, manager says. “He’s had some help from people saying hey I want you to try this flavor, and then he just goes with it and he adds different things that he feels needs to go with it. The lemon cheesecake of course he made that one on his own. That one by far is probably our best seller besides the classic. The banana pudding just kind of came to him one day and he just ran with it, and it’s been great. But, most of the other ones are just kind of little ideas that he just seen on the Internet or friends came over or customers even came in and said hey why don’t you try this and we’ve made it up.”

The Mineola shop has served customers from near and far. People travel from all over the country and beyond to try their sweet treats. The store has a map on their wall with little black flags that pin point how far every customer has traveled to eat their cheesecakes. Some have even traveled as far as Canada and Alaska. 

Bryan’s Cheesecakes in Mineola is located at 120 N Johnson Street and is open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 and on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 8. 

The small business has also recently expanded to a storefront in Tyler as well. That shop is at 1197 S Beckham Avenue. 

This is a part of KETK and Fox 51’s “Small Business Tuesday.” Morning reporter Corrine Benandi will be going out into the community each week to feature a local business that is building a presence in East Texas.