DAINGERFIELD, Texas (KETK) – Daingerfield, located at the intersection of Highway 11, Highway 49 and U.S. Highway 259, is the county seat of Morris County.

Records indicate that the first Europeans to visit the area camped near the center of town around 1740.

It is named for Capt. London Daingerfield, who in 1839 led a group of about 100 men in a battle against Native Americans. After he was killed in that battle, the town started to grow in the 1840s and was named after him.

A post office opened in 1846, and after the Civil War the town developed fast, opening up a chair factory, a tannery, a hat factory, a cotton gin and flour mill.

After WWII, Lone Star Steel Company set up shop and became a major employer in the area.

In 2021, the population was reported at 2,492.

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