Smith County GOP Chairman weighs in on Texas conditions, major political figures

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TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Smith County GOP chairman, David Stein, weighed in on the current condition of Texas and some of its major political figures.

As Texas is left picking up the pieces after the winter storm, Stein said everyone is just trying to get back to normal.

“I think people want to get back to work, just get back to some semblance of what normal was or what it was at the time before we stopped,” Stein said. “I think for the most part, people are reacting and doing the things that are necessary to do.”

The Energy Reliability Council of Texas has come under fire for their handling of the winter storms that left millions of Texans without power, some for days at a time.

While Stein said he is interested to see where the situation with ERCOT goes, he doesn’t want the issue to derail other matters before the Texas government’s legislative session.

“I certainly want to see what happens next week, they’re going to be talking about this, but I don’t want this problem to derail all of the important matters that they’ve got to handle at the state level,” Stein said. “Dealing with the budget and funding and education and healthcare and election integrity, those are all things that are important, and the crisis this week shouldn’t derail those, it’s all got to be handled at the same time.”

Gov. Greg Abbott has said that ERCOT assured him they were prepared for the winter storm days before it swept into Texas. Many have been critical of ERCOT and Abbott alike.

“I just don’t think that somebody is going to know everything that is going on, it’s not possible,” Stein said.

“Democrats don’t have answers either…I’m frustrated with it,” Stein said. “I’m tired of it and I wish they would come up with real solutions to some of the problems that we’re having and stop playing this ridiculous blame game.”

Stein said that he was all in for full accountability.

“If [Abbott] is to blame, it’s still going to be up to the voters and the polls in 2022,” Stein said.

Another Texas story that has come to the front page in recent days is Ted Cruz’s trip to Mexico while Texas froze over. According to Stein, the situation with Cruz is being blown out of proportion and it is an example of politics at its worst.

“Should he have gone? You know what, probably not, but he was gone 24 hours, he was constantly on his phone in touch with the resources that he needed,” Stein said. “The Senate was not in session. They were dismissed, so there really wasn’t anything he could do.”

Stein continued on Cruz by saying that “he was in touch and doing the things he should be doing behind the scenes, but the fact that he took his family out of the country, I don’t have a problem with that.”

Back home in Smith County, Stein said that the leadership he’s seen in the county between Tyler mayor Don Warren and county judge Nathanial Moran has been outstanding.

“I can speak about Smith County and I look at how Mayor Don Warren has handled things and our county judge Nathanial Moran. The communication has been outstanding. These guys have been out front, constantly letting people know what’s going on,” Stein said.

Stein then focused on the public and the Texans who were ultimately in the middle and affected most by the historic winter storm.

“We’ve got a lot of Texans who’ve been in very bad situations this whole entire week, but there is also a lot of good I’ve seen through this,” Stein said. “That’s the kind of thing that we need to be talking about also is that the way a lot of Texans have banded together to help one another.”

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