WINNSBORO, Texas (KETK) – Winnsboro High School students involved with Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA), presented their “Shattered Dreams” project that raises awareness against drunk driving. East Texas has been hit hard with a teenager and two small children killed by alleged drunk drivers just this week.

According to Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD), statistics show that drunk driving accounts for 29 deaths each day. That is one person every 50 minutes.

This immersive demonstration involved students wearing special effects makeup and using their acting skills to show what a fatal accident looks like. Christus EMS, all Winnsboro first responders, Perryville Fire, Beaty Funeral Home and Wyatt Towing all came together to make this happen.

‘’This project happens every four years, so, if you’re a freshman, you’ll see it as a freshman and then you won’t see this again. When the next generation comes for the next four years, they will be able to witness it,” said Winnsboro FFCLA leader, Gyselle Santoy.

Winnsboro High School has lost students of their own over the last decade due to underage drinking and driving. Student leaders say this could not be a more critical time to focus on this deadly issue.

“It has made this surreal, you know. It’s happening all the time and every day. We have had this project planned for months and this just happened to be around the same time. We are trying to spread more awareness and just show you that it’s real and it happens all the time,” said Winnsboro FCCLA leader, Presley Blair.

Just in the last week, there have been at least three fatal accidents in East Texas. Winnsboro High students are hoping that the “Shattered Dreams” project, will help eradicate the problem.

“We don’t think this could happen to us. If this affects one child, one teenager to make the right decision and put themselves out of harm’s way, then today was a success,” said Winnsboro School Board member, Duncan McAdoo.

The lessons didn’t end with the demonstration. Throughout the day, students were pulled out of class every 15 minutes to convey the feeling of the lives lost to drunk driving.

“It’s an honor for the students who put this on to be selected every four years to be advocates for this program,” said McAdoo. This is all in an effort to protect teenagers and save the lives of East Texans.

The FCCLA organization works with youth to make a difference in their communities and learn important life skills in leadership and public speaking. The “Shattered Dreams” project went above and beyond in teaching responsibility behind the wheel and making wise decisions.