Some gardening chemicals harm your pets, here’s how you can keep them safe

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(KETK)- Spring is here, so many East Texans are tending to their yards and gardening.

But, experts are warning that some of the chemicals that help plants may harm pets. Nancy Bell, an East Texas resident, said her dogs got sick recently due to some chemicals.

Joey and Missy were rushed to the veterinarian after they were caught licking ant killer.

This resulted in them having stomach problems and seizures.

“I was out sprinkling the poison, and they were outside following me around. I guess I didn’t know what they were doing,” said Bell.

She is now having second thoughts about using the product after she read the ingredients. Bell is also warning pet owners to be cautious when using outdoor chemicals.

Plant experts also shared some tips on how to use these items around animals.

“Apply the product, water it in well before you let your pet out. You should not have a problem. Pay attention to what your pets are doing, and you shouldn’t have a problem,” said James Wilhite, landscape contractor.

If you suspect your pet ingested poison, East Texas veterinarians advise you take them to the animal hospital right away even if there are no symptoms.

“The key thing is don’t wait,” said Dr. Gary Spence, a doctor at Spence and White Veterinary Hospital. “There’s several different things that we can do. We can give them toxiband, which is a charcoal additive that will soak up a lot of the poisons you can put them on. If they’ve just done it, you can make them vomit and get most of it out of the stomach.”

Spence also said the reason pets are attracted to the poison is because it has a sweet smell and taste.

“If the animals walk through, particularly cats, it’s toxic to their feet and you can burn their pads off,” he said.

Bell now mentioned she has learned a tough lesson. Hopefully, others can be more careful while they use chemicals in their gardens.

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