TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Friday morning, the City of Tyler hosted the 64th annual Azalea and Spring Flower Trail ribbon cutting at Pyron Garden.

“Oh, I think everyone should come, and keep coming because there’s a lot of them that haven’t bloomed yet,” said Joan Pyron, owner of Pyron Garden.

Mayor Don Warren, and Patrick Stacey, from the Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce presented the opening remarks at the ceremony. The trail runs for three weekends from March 24-April 9. 

Community members were thrilled about the opening of the trail.

“Wait for it all year long, it’s so much fun getting ready and planting the plants and hoping that it doesn’t rain, and hoping they don’t freeze. I mean it’s an exciting time because you never know what is going to happen,” said Pyron. 

Tyler Legacy’s “Good Vibrations” also sang at the event.

For the eight-mile trail, there’s a new addition this year for those who aren’t looking to walk. “We have carriage rides going through the trails every, from 1-6 p.m. Going through Bergfield Park, weather permitting of course,” said Susan Travis, the Vice President of tourism at Visit Tyler.

Adding that there is also a local bike company, “Ride Tyler,” that people can rent out too. Rose City Ambassadors will guide new visitors that come to Tyler.

“Just getting to see how it impacts other people and how they go out of their way to travel here, it’s just really cool to see,” said Reese Cooper, Rose City Ambassador.

Tyler has many azalea events for the next 17 days. Including an arts and crafts fair and run this weekend.

“Even in the middle of the summer it’s really, really pretty there’s still a lot of beauty around everybody should enjoy the azalea district,” said Pyron.

It’s a great opportunity to go out and enjoy the beauty of East Texas.