TYLER, Texas (KETK) – “Springtime is usually when there’s characteristics for trees to pollinate,” said Dr. Jonathan Buttram, allergist and immunologist, UT Health East Texas.

It feels like springtime is here, and allergy season is peaking.

“We’ve been seeing a lot people coming in with your normal allergy symptoms,” said David Davis, pharmacy manager, Drug Emporium Tyler.

East Texans are already feeling the effects and looking for some relief. UT Health allergist Dr. Jonathan Buttram said there are a few things you can do right now to help.

“Wear sunglasses, if you keep pollens out of eyes it helps not only with eye symptoms but nasal symptoms as well,” said Dr. Buttram.

Changing your air filters in your home, bathing your pets that go outside regularly, and knowing your triggers also help keep your allergies away.

“If you go outside and spend a lot of time outdoors you’re getting pollen and mold spores in your hair and the oils on your skin, so make sure you shower at nighttime so you don’t take those things to bed with you,” said Dr. Buttram.

Some other tips to keep the symptoms away are driving with your windows up and also only circulating the air inside your vehicle and not letting any of the outside air come in.

“If your symptoms are difficult to control it’s time to see an allergist and probably time to consider skin testing,” said Dr. Buttram.

You can also take over-the-counter medication, including nose sprays, and if you don’t see any comfort or start running a fever it may be time to see a doctor.

“And they help not only treat the symptoms, but in some cases, they can prevent the symptoms from occurring if you use them regularly,” said Davis.

March 20 is the official beginning of Spring but temperatures are expected to continue being warm bringing up the question of if we’re in for a longer allergy season.