TYLER, Texas (KETK) – East Texans are gearing up for the holiday season and starting to shop early.

Pam Gabriel, Owner of Sweet Gourmet, said vendors were reaching out in the spring, urging businesses to place orders early. Supply chain issues have been delaying shipments and orders to the stores.

“The supply chain issues are effecting all of us. We have got chocolate sitting on the water coming from Europe. Orders that are shopping only 75% complete when this time last year, at least we had the orders coming through,” said Gabriel.

Gabriel said they’ve merchandised the store with new products for the holidays earlier than normal, gently letting customers know to place their orders now to ensure they arrive on time for Christmas.

Buying televisions and appliances may also get complicated due to a microchip shortage. Donnie Thedford from Don’s TV and Appliance said they replace broken appliances at people’s homes. He said it is taking longer to get shipments in.

“Supply chain issues are definitely effecting our business,” said Thedford. “It’s been affecting it for the last year and a half. We are just scrambling every day to try to locate products that are in stock, to bring them in here and take care of everyone in East Texas.”  

Due to supplies and products in high demand, shop owners are urging consumers to place their orders now since nothing is promised for what is available by Black Friday.

“There’s definitely delays on many models. We have many models in stock, you just have to be willing to possibly change the features, the colors, and find what we have in stock, but, there are shipping delays across our industry nationwide, big time,” said Thedford.

Knowing the products that stores might run out of and having a backup plan will ensure you check those items off of Santa’s list.