TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Last Friday’s point-of-view segment from Neal Barton really took off with East Texans. It was about a house bill that would do away with vehicle inspections.

After the segment aired, KETK was flooded with viewer comments for and against the proposal.  

House Bill 3297 would eliminate regular mandatory vehicle safety inspections for non-commercial vehicles.

One viewer reached out explaining that without the annual check-ups, our roads would become full of unsafe vehicles.

Owner of Pine Tree Inspections David Campbell believes inspections keep our roads safe. Adding that often, when people come into his shop, repairs are needed.

“Typically, it’s minor corrections but, a lot of times it can be major offenses like deleted diesel, people are bypassing the emissions with controlled devices,” said Campbell.

People also messaged in concerning insurance rates to KETK and checked with a local state farm agent, who doesn’t believe there will be much of an effect at all on car insurance.

The owner of Stewart’s Donnybrook Automotive in Tyler shared that there is always a possibility something goes wrong with your car once you leave your inspector.

“Your car could be perfectly fine right now, you get inspected then your fine tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, your steering hose spring can leak, you’re no longer safe but don’t have to go back and get it re-inspected,” said Gary Stewart, the Owner of Stewart’s Automotive.

Stewart often sees customers that will wait for repairs, until they need them to pass.

“A young lady just said a minute ago, ‘I am not worried about my parking brake not working I just got it inspected yesterday,'” said Stewart.

Adding that if the bill is passed, there won’t be a major effect on our streets.

“It’s not going to fix the problem, the inspection system is not fixing the problem, it’s so blatant now, it’s so burdensome, the rules and regulations, that the inspectors don’t have time to inspect everything that they want you to inspect,” said Stewart.

Small businesses around East Texas could also be negatively impacted.

“There are some 60+ inspection stations in the Longview area alone,” said Campbell.

Including Campbell’s family business which is dedicated solely to inspections.

“Seven people will be out of a job permanently, and the business will be closed down,” said Campbell.

House Bill 3297 was passed by both chambers at the last minute on Monday and is now awaiting the governor’s signature. If the bill becomes law, you will still need your inspection done this year and next year. It would all come to an end in January of 2025.