SULPHUR SPRINGS, Texas (KETK) – Sulphur Springs ISD has called for a $93 million bond for the May 7 election.

The bond will help the district with the following items:

  • A new Travis Elementary School campus
  • Rennovations to Bowie Elementary, Bush Elementary, Sulphur Springs Elementary, Douglass Early Childhood and Austin Academic Center
  • High school additions and renovations including:
    • Career and Technology Center
    • Fine Arts
  • Capital improvement projects district wide including:
    • Roofing and HVAC
  • 20 additional buses

The district’s financial advisor said there would be an 8.5 cent tax rate impact to finance the bond.

Tax Impact with Current Homestead Exemption: There will be an 8.5 cent tax impact if voters approve the bond. For a $125,00 home, the monthly impact will be $7.00.

Texas voters will have a constitutional amendment on the May 7 ballot to increase the homestead exemption for school districts from $25,000 to $40,000 starting in the 2022 tax year. If it passes, the state will make up the difference in revenue for school districts.

Tax impact with the potential homestead exemption

SSISD residents will have the opportunity to vote on the Bond Referendum beginning with early voting from April 25 to May 3, and on election day, May 7.

The process to create the bond has been a community effort over the last year with a bond planning committee. The committee included citizens, city leaders, board members, teachers and parents. The committee dedicated several months to data collection, evaluations, and planning to put the bond package together.

According to SSISD, recent research by the Environmental Protection Agency suggested that a school’s physical environment can play a major role in academic performance. Some common issues like leaky roofs, problems with heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems can cause a number of health problems including asthma and allergies. The health issues can cause an increase in absences and reduce academic performance.

Sulphur Springs made a graph of the age of their current facilities:

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