TYLER, Texas (KETK) – One of the top New Year’s resolutions is working out but Rise RX Fitness in Tyler says that after a few weeks, many people quit coming to the gym.

“Take it easy, don’t jump into it a 5 day a week workout when you are just starting back, 2 days a week is better than none,” said, owner of Rise RX Fitness, Cune Peña.

He says people tend to come in and try to do everything at once and wear themselves out too quickly.

“Start slow, which means for me I would say having someone come in 2 days a week and maybe do 30 minutes of walking, 30 minutes of weight training and build up as the months go on,” said Peña.

Others get mad because they aren’t getting the results they want fast enough.

“If you go and look in magazines or if you go on TikTok or online, you’re going to see all these great workouts by most people that don’t even need those workouts to look the way they look,” said Peña.

Peña says taking it one day at a time, resting and asking for help can help you keep your resolution all year long.

“I definitely believe if you have not been in a gym or it’s been awhile since you have been in a gym to definitely hire a trainer just to get you back on the right track,” said Peña.

On the money side of things, if you are looking to be more financially responsible in 2023 experts like James Holloway have tips for you.

“It’s important that you put money away because inflation is going to continue,” said James Holloway, financial expert, Holloway Partnership.

He says knowing what your money is being used for, what you can cut back on, and what is essential can help, but doing it alone can be hard.

“A specialist, someone that is an investment advisor or someone that is an advisor for retirement specialist, that’s what they do all day every day and they can help you navigate those waters to ensure that you don’t get hurt or harmed by all the things that are changing in our world,” said Holloway.

Both Peña and Holloway say setting goals for yourself, and knowing it’s ok to fail will help you keep your resolution for 2023.

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