TATUM, Texas (KETK) – Tatum ISD employees will be receiving a salary increase for the 2022-23 school year.

Teachers, librarians and nurses will receive a step raise plus a $5,000 increase in salary.

Non-exempt and hourly employees will receive an hourly increase of $1.

All full time employees meeting certain eligibility requirements will receive a retention stipend. Exempt employees will receive a $2,000 retention stipend and non-exempt employees will receive $1,000.

Tatum ISD also highlighted that they provide benefits at no cost for their workers. Each month, TISD contributes $423 per month towards TRS Health Insurance premiums which is 100% of the HD plan, dental plan and a $25,000 life insurance policy.

In addition to the salary increase and the health benefits, employees also receive an attendance incentive including $715 for perfect attendance and $150 for one absence.