LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – Michelle Hill is starting her first year of teaching kindergarten at Pine Tree Primary in Longview after a battle with colorectal cancer.

“In November, I had finalized and completed my treatments and was given the all clear,” she said.

Then in January, she began volunteering and substituting at Pine Tree Primary.

“God just started showing me that this is where I’m supposed to be, and this was the home for me,” said Hill.

During her treatments she befriended her daughter’s teacher Jackye Mosley.

“She was taking care of Aniston. She would come in all teary eyed to school,” said Hill.

When Mosley found out Hill would be teaching, she decided to nominate her for Stonewater Roofing’s Clear the List Contest, so the organization would help pay for everything on her Amazon wish list.

“Her story is worth telling,” said Mosley.

On Wednesday morning, Mosley and Stonewater Roofing got to surprise Hill with everything from her Amazon wish list.

“I just said, ‘your story won, and you have a beautiful story.’ Of course she was so shocked, and I was too,” said Mosley.

Surrounded by family and friends, Hill got to go through each one of her boxes and see what she got.

“To see her face when she turned around, and your list is cleared was truly heartwarming,” said Jacob Law, co-owner of Stonewater Roofing.

Hill felt blessed that there are people like Stonewater Roofing who are helping teachers.

“It’s an honor for my story to be told and to be recognized so that others can know that you can go through hard things and come out, and there’s something else that you can give. You can still be giving to the community and those around you,” said Hill.

She is beyond grateful for what Stonewater Roofing and Mosley did for her, but says she wishes this could happen for even more teachers.