Tyler, Texas (KETK) — T.J. Austin Elementary has seen significant results through its “Amplify Program” for reading and writing.

“We have implemented this Amplify curriculum and other things to ensure number one that teachers have a curriculum they can trust and implement with integrity, but also get the results to ensure that all students are growing throughout our campus,” said T.J. Austin Principal Josh Currie.

The new program helps put students at their appropriate grade reading level which helps them prepare for their future careers.

“When students are not able to read on grade level its not just about passing the STAAR, but they can graduate school not having the necessary skills to get certain jobs,” said Currie.

Texas Education Commissioner, Mike Morath, said it’s great to see teachers working with students on rigorous literacy work.

“Kids in the second grade reading about the War of 1812 and learning about the star-spangled banner, kids working on their writing assignment as second grader or third grader,” said Morath.

Morath interacted with students one-on-one and believes creating a secure environment is essential to promote extensive learning

“The work to make sure we keep our kids safe happens at the same time we create very loving learning spaces and this campus is a great example of how schools are doing that all over the state,” said Morath.

Morath also traveled to Kilgore to meet students in first to third grade across Region 7 at the annual Imagination Fair.

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