KILGORE, Texas (KETK) – A beloved and unique East Texas restaurant lost its roof as severe weather tore through East Texas last Thursday, but thanks to their community, they are now one large step closer to opening again.

Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant opened in Kilgore in 2017. Though severe weather has swept the area many times over the years, last week’s storm caused them significant damage when high winds peeled the roof off their building.

Chef and co-owner of Brigitta’s, Michael Chubboy, said he was scared.

The day after the storms we spoke with Michael Chubboy, chef at Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant. He had showed up to see half their roof gone, which forced them to shut down.

“It’s hard, we have no cash flow. It’s hard and then we have an outlay for this, it’s worrisome, it’s natural,” said Chubboy.

There was some water damage inside, but they had to find a roofer quick. The community came to their aid by starting a GoFundMe page in hopes of raising money.

“We had people showing up giving hugs, saying whatever we need. We love East Texas, they came out in droves,” said Chubboy.

AmVet Roofing responded to their call for help and went to work Wednesday morning, less than a week later.

“This crew came in from Sulphur Springs and they started first thing in the morning,” said Chubboy.

A lot of hard work and a few hours later, Brigitta’s had a brand new roof.

“It’s really important helping our community out, Mr. Chubboy is loved here in Kilgore, especially being the only Hungarian restaurant in East Texas, so it was very important for us to come and help the community out,” said Tomas Tapia, owner of AmVet Roofing.

Chubboy and his wife Brigitta own the restaurant and are beyond grateful for everyone that helped them. They are glad it wasn’t worse.

  • Repaired Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant
  • Repaired Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant
  • Storm damage to Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant
  • Repairs being made to to Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant
  • Storm damage to Brigitta’s Hungarian Restaurant

“We count our blessings, we are quite fortunate,” said Chubboy.

They are looking forward to serving Hungarian meals to their customers once again.

The next step for the owners is to get everything cleaned, redecorated and inspected, then they will hopefully get to open their doors again. Chubboy is hoping that will all happen next week. If that doesn’t happen, he said they may be in trouble financially.