LONGVIEW, Texas (KETK) – A deadly Longview shooting that claimed the life of a teenager was the result of several arguments between neighbors, according to a Longview Police Department affidavit.

Police responded to the shooting on Aug. 8 at the Preserve Apartments, where Rahsaan Jefferson was killed. He was an incoming Longview High School freshman.

Laderrion Devonte Johnson, 29, was arrested in connection to the shooting.

Sabrina Turner is Rahsaan’s aunt and she lived in the apartments. Rahsaan was sitting in the driver seat of her car during the shooting, said police. The vehicle was reportedly a Kia Optima.

A detective spoke to the victim’s mother, Dormanique Jefferson. She told officials she was on the phone with her son before the shooting happened, and he said something like “they’re outside with big guns,” said an affidavit.

Dormanique said a man known as LJ or RJ was responsible for the shooting and he lives in an apartment with a man named “Q,” said officials.

Police said Rahsaan’s aunt was assaulted by LJ on July 30, and LJ had hit her with a gun and caused a visible injury on her forehead.

Turner told police LJ can frequently be found in one of the apartments. LJ is a black male and is about 6 feet tall with a medium build and with a short mohawk hairstyle, said officials.

Turner also told officers that LJ’s younger sister was her nephew’s girlfriend.

She said one or two days before the assault Rahsaan’s girlfriend laughed at her, so she said something like “where I’m from, laughing will get you killed,” according to police.

The girl later told her brother, said the affidavit. When Turner made it home with her friend Tysha Ingram, LJ spoke to the woman about what she had reportedly said to his sister. They argued and then LJ hit Turner with a firearm, said authorities.

Ingram said she did not see LJ hit Turner, and LJ pointed the gun at her after Turner was allegedly assaulted to stop her from using her phone, said officials. Ingram said she was scared when LJ held the gun in her direction, said police.

Officers later went to an apartment to speak to LJ but said he was not there. A man named Quentin gave officers his phone number and called LJ “Little Johnson” when speaking to officials, said police.

Authorities said Mr. Q was identified as Quentin Riley.

On Aug. 8, a witness said Mr. Q mentioned he was on the phone with LJ during the shooting and he possibly said, “what’s that for? I’ll show you what to do with that,” said police.

Riley denied being on the phone with LJ during the incident, according to an affidavit.

He said LJ’s sister told them Turner had threatened to kill her if she laughed at her again, said officials. 

LJ’s sister laughed when Turner’s wig fell off, and Turner said ‘I’ll kill you. B**** don’t be laughing at me,” according to an affidavit. This was reportedly why LJ confronted Turner. 

Riley said Turner also threatened LJ and said “I’ll kill you too,” according to officials.

Police said Riley told them Turner then reached into her purse and “everybody knows she carries a pistol.”

Then, LJ slapped Turner, said officials. 

Riley said Rahsaan would typically carry a gun and that he and Turner would cause issues at the apartment complex, said authorities. On May 8, officials said they completed a criminal mischief report after a Laderrion Johnson was accused of breaking the windows of his mother’s vehicle, and she also lives in the apartment complex.

Riley said LJ was also dating a woman named Shorda. He said he was gone during the shooting and was driving Shorda’s Chevrolet Malibu, said officials.

He also said LJ left the apartment 30 minutes before him to go to Walmart with his mother and LJ left his phone behind, said police.

Riley said he had gone to the Guest Inn to give a woman money for a room. Then, he said he got a call from Latanya Henderson that people were outside their apartments, said police.

Riley got other calls from Shorda and Henderson and they told him to return because something had happened, said an affidavit. He also said he gave Shorda the keys back, and then she left the apartment with LJ’s phone and she mentioned she was going to find him, said authorities.

Officials later confirmed Shorda did own a Chevrolet Malibu. Detectives spoke to Shorda on Aug. 9, and she said she was romantically involved with LJ. 

Shorda told police she last saw LJ when she got off work around 6 or 7 p.m., and she was asleep during the shooting, said authorities.

Shorda also said Riley told her to bring LJ’s phone to him to a house on Johnson Street in Longview, said officials.

She went to Johnson Street and saw LJ and gave him his phone, according to an affidavit. Shorda said she then drove around and had many missed calls from Riley.

Shorda said LJ was not at the apartment with her when she woke up, said police.

Rahsaan’s mother, Dormanique, also told officials LJ and Rahsaan had gotten into another argument, said authorities.

She also said on the day of the shooting her son called her around 9:13 p.m. and said there was a group of people outside, according to an affidavit.

Dormanique said her son called her again and said “they” were back outside with a big gun, said officials.

She gave the phone to her roommate and drove to the apartment, said police. Her roommate told her they heard possible gunshots before the call was disconnected, according to an affidavit.

Dormanique later found her son lying face down on the ground next to Turner’s vehicle and drove him to a hospital in Turner’s car, said police.

Riley said he was not on the phone with LJ during the shooting and instead was speaking with Henderson, said authorities.

He also mentioned Latanya yelled “LJ stop” at one point and then LJ said “what’s that for,” according to officials.

Then, Riley said he heard gunshots and heard Latanya screaming, said an affidavit. Henderson later admitted she was outside during the shooting, and she saw LJ walking to Turner’s car and had a bad feeling, said officials.

Henderson said she did yell at LJ to stop and heard LJ say, ‘what you gonna do with that? What’s that for,” according to officials. 

She then turned her head to not look and heard gunshots, said police.

Henderson said she never saw a gun in LJ’s hand, but knows he had a semi-automatic handgun, according to an affidavit. Then, she saw him run away through the parking lot, and Henderson said LJ was alone when he got close to Turner’s vehicle, said police.

Rahsaan had gunshot wounds on his left shoulder and injuries from glass, according to police. The driver’s side window was also broken, said the affidavit.