NOTE: An earlier version of this story said 17 staff members had left the district. It has since been clarified that the 17 staff members instead intend to leave if they do not find a resolution to the issues in the district.

OVERTON, Texas (KETK) — When a special board meeting was called and then canceled on Thursday, a group of Leverett’s Chapel ISD parents decided to continue with a meeting without school officials.

The unofficial meeting was held around 3:30 p.m. with parents, alumni and community members in a Leverett’s Chapel ISD auditorium.

The meeting was scheduled for the board to accept the resignation of acting superintendent Matt Everett and two board members.

“They just illegally put an agenda out for a meeting today, and when they were called on it, they decided to cancel it. Any time anybody has stood up to them to say ‘okay, we want to meet with this. These are our concerns,’ they will cancel the meeting, they will not meet with the community,” said Melissa Morrow, a Leverett’s Chapel ISD parent.

The school board was set to also discuss and take possible action for the appointment of an interim/acting superintendent, as well as reorganization of the board and appointing new board members.

Morrow says that the community is trying to get the Texas Education Agency involved. The meeting agenda set for Thursday had a discussion item regarding contacting the TEA for assistance in operating the district.

“Our school board has tried to take over and run this school and not listen to what the superintendent is saying and creating issues where issues don’t need to be created,” Morrow said.

She also said that the school is feeling the effects of the nationwide teacher shortage, but alleges that the school board may be causing some teachers to leave. Morrow said she knows of 17 staff members who will leave if the issue is not resolved.

“This is a family this isn’t just a school, this is a family, and we’re just trying to keep it intact,” said Morrow.

Morrow said there were not any issues with the previous school board before the election.

“We’re trying to make sure that our superintendent doesn’t resign. He’s been here for almost 20 years he started the athletic program here. He cares about these kids he’s very personable with the parents they’re all involved,” said Morrow.

She added that there were not any issues with the previous school board before the election.

The Leverett’s Chapel ISD community is trying to figure out a solution before the upcoming school year.