TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Airlines say the bad weekend weather caused a spiral of delays still affecting people this week. On Monday, more than 3,800 flights have been canceled in the united states. 

Even one of KETK News’ morning anchors, Judd Baker, is one of the many trying to get back home. Baker has been visiting family near Amarillo and is now trying to fly back to Dallas.

“I checked 2 hours before I am going to get to the airport, and see that my flight has been canceled,” said Baker.

The airline he was using was Southwest Airlines. One of the most affected. They canceled at least 2,900 flights Monday, more than 70% of the ones they had scheduled.

“I feel like people are going to be going to get mad about the situation, and I would just remind people that this is not your airline’s fault, I know this isn’t my airline’s fault, it’s the weather,” said Baker.

The cancellations have left travelers frustrated as they try to get back home with no options available to them.

“We got a text saying that my flight was canceled, and they sent me a rebook link, I go to the link and nothing is available. It says nothing is available until the 30th,” said a traveler stuck at the airport.

Baker and other travelers have tried rebooking with other airlines but found they would be charged hundreds more and even tried renting cars but they were all sold out.

“I don’t know what to do, the only flights are way too expensive and we are stuck,” said a traveler stuck at the airport.

As thousands are stranded, airline phones are ringing off the hook with hour-long wait times to speak with someone, and sometimes you only get a busy signal when you call.

“You’re not just dealing with the people on your flight and the other flights that were originally scheduled for your time, you’re dealing with people who are originally scheduled and now the people who are on stand by, the passengers that are rebooked, airports are going to be at their max over these next couple of days,” said Baker.

All travelers can do is wait and hope something opens up or the situation is resolved so they can make it home.

“I’m going to not be mad about this, I’m going take this as a blessing because I get to spend two extra days with my family,” said Baker.

Things are starting to get better with fewer flights being canceled, but Southwest has already canceled 2,400 flights for tomorrow and is asking for travelers’ patience.