TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Nine Tyler ISD teachers, who were chosen to be TOP teachers, were told on Monday their designation level and the amount of incentive money they will be receiving for obtaining this honor.

A TOP teacher is a Tyler optimal performance educator that works at one of the TIA campuses.

They were selected by being judged on student growth metrics, teacher observation data and student surveys. They will receive a teacher incentive allotment due to House Bill 3. This will allow school officials to recruit and keep great teachers. Their focus is to fill in the gaps in high-need areas and rural schools.

The TOP system also helps the district encourage teachers to help challenging campuses.

During a board meeting on Monday, all of the teachers found out about their designation level and the amount of funds they would receive.

The teacher will receive 70% of the allotment, the school will get 20% and the district receives 10%.

The Tyler ISD educators will earn $6,396 to $23,320 more annually.

“By participating in the Texas Teacher Incentive Allotment, Tyler ISD possesses an incredibly innovative tool by offering teachers the opportunity to make thousands of additional dollars in salary,” said Tyler ISD Superintendent Dr. Marty Crawford. “Tied directly to continuous improvement of student achievement and our mission of Successful Student Outcomes, we celebrate this first cohort of teachers that saw tremendous student growth and look forward to those that choose to participate in the future.”

The following nine TOP Teachers were selected:

  • Rolando Alvarez, Orr Elementary School – Master Designation
  • Laura Elizalde Moran, Ramey Elementary School – Exemplary Designation
  • Maria Riggs, Austin Elementary School – Exemplary Designation
  • Ariadna Melendo Esteban, Ramey Elementary School – Recognized Designation
  • Emilee Kubara, Jones Elementary School – Recognized Designation
  • Jasmin Lopez, Ramey Elementary School – Recognized Designation
  • Marcela Galvan de Guzman, Ramey Elementary School – Recognized Designation
  • Litzia Roman Gonzalez, Ramey Elementary School – Recognized Designation
  • Oralia Sydnor, Orr Elementary School-Recognized Designation