UPDATE — Rice Road, between South Broadway Avenue and Old Bullard Road, is expected to be closed for the remainder of the week for repairs, according to the City of Tyler.

The city said that factors that set back the completion include the location of telecommunication, fiber, gas and other utility lines buried in the area. Weather, age of the infrastructure and depth to reach the bottom of the manhole have also led to the extension of the repairs, according to the city.

Crews are installing a new sewer manhole and a new sewer line will be put in from the new manhole to a location north of the intersection where officials said there is another “void” under the roadway that will need to be addressed.

The initial sinkhole area that is a portion of the storm sewer line will be replaced, then the infrastructure will be buried and the street will be repaved, officials said.

An investigation led city officials to believe that a damaged stormwater line caused the soil to be displaced into the storm sewer line and water saturated the ground under the road.

According to a release, the stormwater line was near a sewer line and a manhole that were compromised.

The city asks for patience from the community as the emergency repairs continue. According to LouAnn Campbell, City of Tyler Public Information Officer, crews ran into more complications than expected when repairing the sinkhole.

“This was not planned work. It is work that needs to be done to protect the public and the infrastructure under the road. Motorists are asked to drive slowly in the area and obey the detours and traffic signs in place,” the City of Tyler said.

UPDATE — The City of Tyler has announced that Rice Road between South Broadway Avenue and Old Bullard Road will continue to be closed until Tuesday.

According to a press release, the road will continue to be closed until Tuesday or until the safety of the road can be determined and all repairs are made.

Officials added that AT&T and Conterra have relocated telecommunications infrastructure and that a gas line still needs inspection.

TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Eastbound lanes of the 100 block of Rice Road in Tyler from Old Bullard Road to South Broadway Avenue are closed due to a sinkhole.

As of Friday morning, the City of Tyler said crews estimate repairs to take up to 72 hours.

City officials told KETK News that a storm drain had a hole in it, which caused saturation in the ground, and that a sewer line could be compromised as well. A manhole will also have to be replaced.

“It’s definitely an inconvenience,” said Avery Stanbrough, who works at Just Smoke on Rice Road.

He had to open his shop late because of the sinkhole.

As of Friday morning, city officials said they don’t think the issue will impact water in the area.

“We ask for your patience. This is something we want to make sure is fixed and that the asphalt is not compromised in any of the area around there,” said LouAnn Campbell, Public Information Officer for the city of Tyler.

Crews are on the scene “trying to correct the problem,” police said. Drivers are encouraged to take alternate routes until further notice, and are told to expect delays.

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