BERRYVILLE, Texas (KETK) – One Shot Retriever Kennels will host Snake Avoidance Clinic in Berryville Aug. 28.

Wayne Lain, of Snakebreaker, specializes in training pets and hunting dogs to avoid dangerous snake. He uses live rattlesnakes, copperheads and water moccasins (when available) that have been rendered harmless by removing fangs and taping the mouth shut and introduces the dogs to the sound, smell and sight of the snakes. “At a precise moment, the dog alerts on these senses he gives a brief stimulation with the E-collar,” according to One Shot Retrievers on Facebook.

Although snakes typically prefer avoiding larger objects, sometimes crossed paths are inevitable. Snakes can strike half to two-thirds of their body length and advance quickly. Training can wear off over time and Laine’s best suggestion to keep your animal safe is to vaccinate them with the rattlesnake vaccine and get snake avoidance training once a year.

The clinic is first come first serve and take only a few hours. Attendees are asked to arrive early and bring water for your animals as it will be hot. Cost is $100 cash only.

One Shot Retriever Kennels is located at 22082 FM 2215, a half-mile east of Midway Package and Feed Store just south of Lake Palestine on U.S. 155. For more information call 903-681-1954.