TRINIDAD, Texas (KETK) – The state of Texas has been hit hard this summer with a rash of wildfires and our volunteer fire departments have really stepped up to meet the challenge.

One such department is the Trinidad Volunteer Fire Department. In a Facebook post from June, they issued a plea to their community requesting help to raise money. The goal is to acquire two specialty apparatus and essential equipment in order to build a Regional Task Force. So far, they’ve raised $420 of the $10,000.

The Task Force will be made of specially-trained personnel from departments throughout the county to ensure adequate staffing of the units during any response. Currently there are multiple firefighters in the county who have proper training to respond to an active shooter incident but do not have the needed equipment to ensure their safety.

The first apparatus they are attempting to secure funding on is a Lenco Advanced MedEvac unit which provides ballistic protection to its crew during response to an active shooter incident. The MedEvac is capable of transporting 4 patients, ford 40” deep water, withstand up to 233mph winds, and is crush resistant up to 40,000 pounds.

The second apparatus they are attempting to secure funding for is a Lenco FireCat unit which provides ballistic protection to its crew while providing fire suppression from inside the cab. The FireCat also doubles as a transport vehicle by removing fire suppression systems to provide evacuation during flooding. The FireCat shares the same characteristics as the MedEvac with the water fording, winds and crush resistance.

Currently there is only one MedCat in the State of Texas which is located approximately five hours from the area. An Advanced MedEvac is located in Louisiana which would still take several hours to arrive if such was needed.

The department reached out on the Federal and State level to gain funding, but was unable to secure anything. With this being said, they are now reaching out to the local community and local businesses in hopes they will donate to the cause. Anyone interested in donating can visit their donation page or contact Chief Jarod Mills at

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