TRINITY COUNTY, Texas (KETK) – Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace shared on Facebook that he was bit by an alligator on Friday night.

Wallace said the alligator grabbed into his flesh and went into a death roll while he was attempting to capture it. Wallace was apparently able to subdue the creature but not before he and another Trinity County resident suffered several cuts.

According to Wallace, the alligator was relocated safely into a pond after its capture.

Here’s Wallace’s full statement on the capture of the creature:

“Gave the Game Wardens the night off. Took a complaint on a massive 6 foot alligator. While capturing the massive vicious creature, we were ferociously attacked and suffered lacerations after the gator grabbed a hunk of flesh and went into a death roll. However, the giant prehistoric dinosaur like creature was relocated to a safe pond to live happily ever after!

Have a safe and happy weekend!”

Trinity County Sheriff Woody Wallace