OMAHA, Texas (KETK) – The Troup High School football team took the field on Friday. It’s the first time since their teammate Cooper Reid was severely injured during last week’s game.

The game was in Paul Pewitt and both schools honored player number 22. The Troup Tigers dedicated their fourth game of the season against Paul Pewitt to Cooper.

The teenager is still recovering in the hospital. Troup fans gathered at the sidelines to say a special student led prayer for Cooper.

The game kicked off with Troup and Pewitt meeting at the 50-yard line where the Brahmas presented the Tigers with a gift. The Pewitt captain also carried a sign to the coin toss to honor Cooper.

Despite the rivalry on the field, both schools said they are here to support the family and their fellow teammate.

“The support from Paul Pewitt is amazing with them praying for Cooper, his family and for the gift of support. The general outreach of all the East Texas communities has been overwhelmingly positive. We never could have hoped for such support and everything for Cooper and his family is very much appreciated,” said Landan Trent, the Troup High School principal.

Paul Pewitt said they are keeping Cooper in their thoughts.

“Anytime a student from anywhere gets hurt we always pray for them. They are always in our hearts and on our minds. But, this time we are playing this school it just hits home. We wanted to do something special,” said Melissa Reid, the Paul Pewitt ISD Superintendent.

The visitor stands were filled with people in maroon with pray for Cooper t-shirts.

On Saturday, high school fishing tournaments around Texas will be honoring the football player, who was also on Troup’s fishing team.

To donate to a GoFundMe to help the Reid family click below.