TROUP, Texas (KETK) — On Wednesday afternoon, Troup High School hosted their Hoop for Coop fundraiser to support Cooper Reid and his family. 

Cooper Reid, a junior at Troup High School had a significant head injury in early September during his football game. Since his injury, the community has rallied around him and his family. 

Nearly four months later Payton Elliott, one of Reid’s friends, shared how he felt about the fundraiser.

“We always want to help support and work and do what we can do to help him out and so we are here to shoot free throws and make money for him to help him out,” said Elliott, Troup basketball player.

While Reid is still recovering in Houston, fellow tigers are always looking for ways to support him. 

“It makes me feel good because I am one of his friends, and it makes me feel really good to hear that everyone wants to help,” said Elliot.

The basketball coaches said they are grateful for the amount of support they continue to receive from the community.

“They can either get a flat donation or someone can donate how many free throws they make, tied to that, every kid has filled up their page and some of them even come back and ask for extra pages,”  said Darin Harley, boys basketball coach at Troup High School.

“We‘re a family in this community and so anybody that needs help, we are going to help them and so that makes us really proud to be from here,” said Sam Wells, Athletic Director of Troup High School.

He said that they are working on another event to help support the Reid family. 

The Troup community is hopeful for Cooper Reid’s full recovery and asks East Texans to continue praying until he can come back home.