SAN ANTONIO, Texas (KETK) – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers found a 84 mm caliber weapon on Monday at the San Antonio International Airport.

The firearm was in a piece of checked luggage, and the owner did not declare it, TSA shared on social media.

Officials said people are required to check in weapons with their air carrier or else they could get fined or face other legal problems.

The weapon that was found appeared to be a Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle, said our affiliate, NBC 5.

TSA calls police when they locate weapons, so the San Antonio Police Department is continuing the investigation. FOX News reports that the rifle was to be used as an exhibit item at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas.

Authorities said no one has been charged, but this might change if the weapon was not legally owned or if the owner of the item was convicted of any previous crimes.

Unloaded firearms are allowed to travel with you, but they need to be checked, according to TSA. The item and ammunition can be declared at the ticket counter.

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