TYLER, Texas (KETK) — TxDOT is getting ready to begin a major project on Old Jacksonville Highway and they’re already in the process of clearing trees along portions of the roadway.

It’s all to expand the road to accommodate busy traffic, improve safety and mobility.

TxDOT is hard at work to expand it from Tyler to Bullard.

“Section from FM 346 in Flint stretching south toward Bullard and U.S. 69 will extend that roadway from a two-lane into four lanes, it will have a continuous left turning lane,” said Jeff Williford, Tyler TxDOT district public information officer.

East Texans have recently noticed trees being taken down. “Maybe they’ll plant more trees,” said Jentrie Adams, stylist at Oh! Farrah Hair Studio.

Oh! Farrah Hair Studio, in Bullard, along Old Jacksonville Highway sees the bright side of widening the roadway. “As far as getting to work it’s been nicer because we can see the salon,” said Adams.

Employees at the hair studio shared that customers would often get turned around because their location was not visible.  “But now we’re completely visible you can actually see us from miles up the road on either side so, I think that it’s a good thing,” said Farrah Fasang, Owner of Oh! Farrah Hair Studio.

TxDOT is working on clearing the land and then they’ll be planning for the bigger expansion from Loop 323 south to FM 2813.

“Also, in addition of sidewalks and bike lanes, on that portion again so improving not just mobility for vehicles but for pedestrians and bicyclists out there,” said Williford.

This is just the beginning of future road work, the project will take some time, but residents are hopeful.

“In the end, it ends up being worth, you know, completely worth it, and with all of the improvements everyone ends up being really happy about it, ” said Adams.