TYLER, Texas (KETK) – We are all feeling the high temperatures at this point, and some of us are seeing the impact across East Texas roadways.

From potholes to cracks in the asphalt, TxDOT and public works know that these issues come around every summer.

“It’s just a nature of being in East Texas, where the weather gets warm that it can affect the roads,” Richard Yeakley, the Public Information Officer for the City of Longview.

The Public Information Officer with the TxDOT Tyler District, Jeff Williford mentioned that they’re aware of the roadway issues.

High temperatures can affect binders that hold asphalt together.

“Cause that to kind of breakdown, a lot quicker and so that’s when you start see those maybe cracks in the roadways or potholes,” said Williford.

When those issues come up, TxDOT gets on it as soon as they can.

“Guys will get on it, repair-based making sure that our roadways are safe for drivers to drive on,” said Williford.

The City of Longview is also aware of the extreme heat impacting roadways.

“You know we do tend to see some softening, some pitoning, some rutting on the roads,” said Yeakley.

Longview residents can report issues through an app called CitySend.

“You can send them in through CitySend, so that our traffic and our streets department can check them out and get them addressed,” said Yeakley.

Public works and TxDOT are keeping up with maintenance throughout the summer to ensure all East Texas roads are safe.

If people notice issues on a TxDOT roadway, they have a contact page, so people can report issues at any time.