TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Tyler City Council approved a contract on Wednesday a major contract to expand Legacy Trail.

It will consist of a 12-foot wide reinforced concrete multipurpose trail from Peete Elementary School to connect with the proposed Stewart Park. The trail will initially be located in the right-of-way of Highway 155 and then “be constructed in either City right-of-way, public alley right-of-way or in City parks.”

The project will cost roughly $3.1 million. The Texas Department of Transportation will provide up to 8% of construction costs with the city of Tyler providing the other 20% along with all 100% of all engineering and design costs.

Legacy Trail opened in 2019 with plans to expand north to South Tyler Trails. The 10-feet wide, 4.5 mile-long concrete trails run each side of Old Jacksonville Highway from Toll 49 to Flint. The trail is situated on the Old Cotton Belt train route