TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The city of Tyler voted to amend the Chapter 17 of the Tyler City Code, to make changes to new and old bike routes, including taking away some restrictions and penalties for drivers.

The city council voted to make the changes on Wednesday including

  • Adding new bike routes
  • Removing some old routes
  • Eliminating some driving and parking restrictions with exclusive bike lanes.

Prior to the change, the city code restricted vehicles from driving across and parking in exclusive bike lanes under certain circumstances and locations. The section was removed to get rid of confusion after the city stated there would be no parking restrictions in the bike lanes.

“The desire for more pedestrian and bicycle facilities is identified in the Tyler 1st Comprehensive plan guiding principles and is discussed in detail in Chapter 10 – Transportation and Circulation. The Tyler Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) adopted a regional pedestrian and bicycle facility master plan called Active Tyler which makes specific recommendations for the location and operation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.”

Cameron Williams, City of Tyler Traffic Engineer

The Traffic Safety Board voted to recommend approval of the ordinance during their Aug. 3 meeting.