TYLER, Texas (KETK) — “We are constantly trying to think and do new things for him so that he is just able to enjoy each day to the fullest,” said Donna Granberry, Jordan’s mother.

Jordan Granberry, a recent graduate from Tyler ISD’s Boshears program, has been facing challenges since birth. Four months ago, his mother Donna met someone who would make a difference in her family’s life.

“I was blessed to meet this awesome man from Houston, Texas who helps with the Houston charities for Children’s Foundation and he told me he was going to put us at the top of the list and he did it! Through that, he was a part of this network and got us the right paperwork to fill out and has blessed our family beyond,” said Granberry.

It’s been just one month since Jordan learned how to walk. As he continues to gain strength, his parents hope to give him life experiences he hasn’t been able to enjoy just yet.

“Just on a daily basis, Jordan has recreational therapy which helps us get out in the community. We had the opportunity to take him to Target for the first time ever to walk around. So we are looking forward to taking him to the park and the mall,” said Granberry.

The new vehicle is a brand new Chrysler Voyager 2022 gifted by an affiliate with the Houston Charities for Children’s Foundation.

“It’s everything. When you help people, it makes you feel good. It’s just what we are supposed to do here in the community. We help others,” said Chuck Rivera, who dropped off the van.

The Granberrys share that it took longer to even get a stroller through the federal government for their son.

Now, with a vehicle to help Jordan get around to physical and speech therapy.

“God is still blessing us here in the Bible belt. We see a bright future regardless of everything else that’s going on in the world. There are still people with great hearts, doing good things,” said Granberry.

Now, the first trip has been planned and they hope to take Jordan to the beach for the very first time, this summer. With the new van and summer plans, The Granberrys hope to take their J Bud’s BBQ and Catering food truck around the East Texas area.