TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Tyler Fire Department is expanding their cancer-reduction initiatives by purchasing five National Fire Protection Association compliant commercial washer-extractors, according to a release from the city of Tyler.

On Wednesday, City Council agreed to accept the grant from the Federal Emergency Management Association worth $82,863.63 to fund the purchase and installation of the commercial washer-extractors.

“This purchase reduces the turnaround time for cleaning personal protective equipment (PPE) after incidents. Currently, firefighters go out of their primary response districts to deliver and retrieve PPE from one of the four stations with commercial washer-extractors,” said Fire Chief David Coble. “This causes delays and can potentially increase response times. These funds will greatly assist us in streamlining this process while keeping units in-service, in-district, and response-ready.”

According to the press release, firefighters will use the commercial washer-extractors regularly as properly cleaned PPE is essential to their health and safety throughout their careers.

Per the CDC, cancer is a leading cause of death among firefighters.

With the fire department matching funds of $8,286.37, the total amount of the grant is $91,150 making it possible for the purchase and installation of the commercial washer-extractors to happen at five fire stations.