TYLER, Texas (KETK)- A gun range in Tyler is offering free classes to teachers this summer to help them feel safer this new school year.

Vault Arms is providing courses to educators throughout the month of June, after the deadly mass shootings that have been reported nationwide.

The business is making it their personal goal to help protect students and teachers.

“It makes more sense for our teachers to be armed to where you are not a soft target. We want to harden our schools and make them less appealing for individuals that have bad intentions,” said James Dufner, a range manager at Vault Arms.

Vault Arms held a class on Friday, and those who attended said they had previously had active shooter threats on their campuses. They also wished they had the background knowledge to help protect fellow staff and students in a crisis.

“What we are going to be going through is the fundamentals of handguns. That comes with stance, grip, trigger control, breathing, picture and sight alignment and then of course, the follow through,” said Estefan Medina, a firearms instructor at Vault Arms.

By teaching them how to properly use a semi-automatic, Vault Arms hopes to educate teachers well and get school districts to allow teachers to carry guns.

Dufner shared that his priority of the class is to one day protect his own daughter.

“I know that my wife doesn’t want to send our daughter to a public school. But, I’m still fighting for it,” he said.

The basic fundamentals handgun course at Vault Arms will be offered for free for all teachers throughout the month of June.

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