TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Tyler Independent School District employees jumped with joy as they received a surprise from Churches Serving Schools.

Several churches wanted to show their appreciation for staff members and they gave them $10 gift cards and drinks from Smoothie King.

“I came down to see the Smoothie King and also a wonderful card from Flint Baptist Church, along with a gift card,” said Sharmecia Jackson, CTE teacher at Tyler High School.

Teachers said it means everything to know someone is thinking of them.

“When I opened it (I) just felt, just love. That’s what it says here in the card that we should be concerned for one another. That’s what it’s all about, especially this time of year and all year,” said Jackson.

Andy Albright, a member of Churches Serving Schools said they want to make sure every employee knows they are important.

“Our teachers and our staff members and our custodians, our principals are key. They are key to a good student,” he said.

The $10 gift cards and smoothies may not sound like a big gift, but for staff members it had a greater meaning.

“That they have been seen…that their work is being acknowledged. Sometimes it just feels good that someone notices what you do,” said Claude Lane, the Tyler High School Principal.

Jackson thanked Churches Serving Schools and left everyone with an important message.

“Be kind. It doesn’t take anything to be kind because you never know who you may be saving in the end,” said Jackson.

Thanks to nine churches, Tyler High School was able to show appreciation for 200 teachers and staff. If your church would like to get involved in Churches Serving Schools reach out to Andy Albright at andyalbright82@yahoo.com.