TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Tyler Independent School District launched CrisisGo’s Safe2SpeakUP app on Wednesday, to empower students to advocate for themselves and others. 

Campus and district representatives are connected to the app so, when students report suspicious activities, officials are alerted immediately.

“If they want to, they can report anonymously, but they can also report using a GPS location and that tells where a student is located within a building at least, north south, east and west, and then we have the ability to communicate directly with students,” Lauri Anderson, Coordinator of Guidance and Counseling.

The app is also great for a social-emotional component for students. Tyler ISD hopes this new app will encourage more students to ask for help.

Anderson explained that it’s her goal for students to feel safe on their campuses, and trust that their voices are heard.

“It puts the reporting in the palm of their hands and allows our campus representatives and district representatives to respond immediately and makes the investigating more efficient and more,” said Anderson.

There are many features on the app: students can schedule an appointment with a counselor, press a panic button, report self-harm for themselves or another student, and any situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

Adrian Bueno, a senior at Tyler Career and Technology Center shared how helpful it is to have the option for an app.

“It used to be on the website, and we would have to search up when we go home or on the computer and then type up something is happening there is an incident at school, and in this case, we could just pull it up on our phone and when we see something we can say something,” said Bueno.

Bueno believes having 24/7 access to talking to whoever, as soon as possible will make students more comfortable. 

Tyler ISD has a link on its website to download the Safe2SpeakUP app. It is free and parents are asked to encourage their students to use it.