TYLER, Texas (KETK) — Aneesa Cedillo is a junior at the Early College high school in Tyler. She is a cancer survivor advocating for more awareness and funds to treat children with cancer and is using her story to create a movement.

“I was first diagnosed when I was 6-years-old in my right femur, the cancer was called Ewing Sarcoma, which is a cancer in the long bone and soft tissue,” said Aneesa Cedillo, junior at Tyler ISD’s Early College High School.

She received about 11 months of treatment and is 10 years cancer free, but some days, she said it doesn’t feel like a victory.

“I feel like I missed out a lot in my childhood because I was in the hospital every day basically,” said Cedillo.

She isn’t letting it stop her from being a voice for other children battling the disease.

“I’m wanting to be a pediatric oncologist, so I can help kids that are like me, and I can, I have that connection with them, I have bond with them, and I get to tell them ‘I’ve been in your shoes, you can talk to me, I know the feeling that you are going through,'” said Cedillo.

Cedillo organized a month-long donation drive at her school for items to give children beginning their journey with the disease.

“I feel like everyone should be aware and acknowledge the awareness of childhood cancer,” said Cedillo.

She wants all cancer patients to know she is in their corner, and to never stop fighting.

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