Tyler, Texas (KETK) — Tyler is growing at a rapid pace despite fears of a recession across the country. According to the Texas Work Force Commission, Tyler leads the state in job creation.

The Workforce Commission shows last year, Austin added jobs at a 7% rate and the Tyler area added jobs at an 8.3 percent rate.

“If you look at the raw numbers for as the direct jobs that were added in Smith County last year, it was over 8,000 primarily in the healthcare sector,” said Scott Martinez, CEO of Tyler’s Chamber of Commerce.

The investment in the health care industry has been a driver in the community for years. This will continue with the new medical school scheduled to open in 2023.

“And that’s a significant get, that’s not something … that’s not a new store or something like that, that’s a really large impact,” said CEO of Genecov Group Ray McKinney.

The City of Tyler’s cost of living is lower than most, which leaves a little extra cash for Tyler residents.

“Dallas is about 106% of the national average as far as cost of living, Tyler is typically 93% so people are making the same money here as you would in Dallas-Fort Worth, but our cost of living is 12% less,” said Martinez.

Martinez said outside companies are seeing the extra demand and want to get in on the action.

“They see the demographics, they see the stronger income, they see the higher incomes here,” said Martinez.

Tyler is also breaking ground on storefronts, fast food chains and residential areas. Officials said another reason Tyler is growing is its investment in good schools and public safety.

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