TYLER, Texas (KETK) — A Tyler man has created a new medical invention to help nurses.

It’s called the Pill Puncher and its purpose is to help people with arthritis and nurses who work with hundreds of pills each day.

The inventor’s name is Nathan Lamaster.

His first draft of the gadget was created at home with PVC pipe. He went to Tyler Innovation Pipeline, where he used a 3-D printer.

26 versions of the Pill Puncher were made until Lamaster got it right, and each attempt cost $5.

The invention is supposed to make it easier and quicker for front line workers to open pill packages.

Lamaster said he couldn’t have done it without the nurses who gave him a lot of constructive criticism.

“What I’ve learned is don’t try to guess what the audience wants. Have the audience ask some of the questions, beta test them. Put out a survey before you spend all this time and money on something that may or may not work,” said Lamaster.

Phil Burks, the President of Tyler Innovation Pipeline, also praised Lamaster’s work.

“When the next Elon Musk stands up and says I got my start at Tyler Innovation Pipeline, Nathan is my Elon Musk,” said Burks.

The device took two years to create.

There are more than a million nurses in the U.S. and almost all of them pass out medication in hospitals and nursing homes.

Lamaster said he wants the Pill Puncher to have a positive impact across the country, and he’s looking for a partner to help him sell the product nationwide.