TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A Tyler man was sentenced to 32 years in prison on Monday after being convicted of murder.

On Thursday, Humberto Lauro Leal, 42, pleaded guilty to the offense in connection the 2019 stabbing death of another man.

Leal was arrested for stabbing Luis Rene Maruffo-Castaneda in June 2019 at his home. A Smith County detective found Castaneda in the driver seat of a car. He was dead and covered in blood.

According to an arrest warrant, the autopsy showed that Castaneda was stabbed 22 times in his head, neck, chest, back and left arm.

Officials interviewed Leal, who said he stabbed Castaneda in self-defense.

Leal was shot in his lower abdomen and was taken to UT Health East Texas.

When he was first interviewed, Leal said he stabbed Castaneda four times and that Castaneda was standing when he fired the gun, but this did not match what officials discovered.

Leal later told officials the men were arguing earlier that day at a different place. They had also had a fight six months before the murder.