TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Tyler Museum of Art held a teacher appreciation event for East Texas educators on Saturday.

East Texas Teachers got to see the museum’s exhibitions for free all day by just showing their active school ID.

They were also able to bring out students to see artwork. The main goal of the event was to show educators how everything applied in the classroom can be seen in the museum.

Rachel Anthony, an education manager, spoke about the importance of education and how this resource can make students care more about art.

“With our tours that we have, we have students explain why do they like this art or vice versa or why do they have questions about it and what’s confusing about the history and this gives them a voice to kind of explain vocabulary and experiences and be able to answer wider questions that will help them in their learning discoveries,” said Anthony.

The public can also visit for free on the first Friday of every month when they have a free tour all day for anyone to visit.

To learn more visit the Tyler Museum of Art online.