TYLER, Texas (KETK) – The Tyler Fire Department has new headquarters. On Thursday afternoon, the grand opening of their new facility was celebrated just blocks away from their previous location. Tyler Fire Chief David Coble says it’s been a years-long process and shares how the department was able to recycle materials from what used to be the Harvey Convention Center.

“This is the nerve center. All the information that goes out to the fire stations and all the stuff that’s going on at the stations comes back here,” said Edward Broussard, the Tyler city manager.

The new Tyler Fire Department headquarters is located five blocks from its previous station on the corner of West Front Street and Hill Avenue.

“Our building is right in the center of about 30,000 cars passing us every day. We also have a marquis sign out front where we can put fire messages on fire preventions so people can be well informed of what’s going on. We will also use it as a recruitment tool when we get ready to hire at the first of next year,” said Chief Coble.

To save a dollar during construction, the fire department was able to take and reuse some materials.

“When Harvey Convention Center was being torn down, we thought instead of spending 20 to 25 thousand dollars on a flag pole, we can cut these down and reuse the flag pole here,” said Coble.

The recycling project is fueled by inflation and supply chain issues. Coble says their new home will help greatly with emergency response timing and their resources.

“We have more room for our cumbersary. So, that’s one of the things that we serve our firefighters with. We are able to get in their uniforms, and shoes, and store those so that when they come in the battalion chiefs can pick them up and deliver them more efficiently to the stations,” said Chief Coble.

Supply chain issues have affected the completion of the headquarters.

“We’ve been waiting on a generator now for more than a year. So, we still don’t have them installed. This project is 99.9 percent finished. We are told that next month the generator will be in!”

The new facility will allow for a better and more secure space to not only work but also hold classes and store important fire equipment.

Chief Coble says it’s been about saving money since the beginning. Like the marquis sign, you will see out front, that could have cost the department $20,000 or more. Alternatively, the department used in-house labor and built the sign for less than $5,000.