TYLER, Texas (KETK) – A man is dead after being hit by a train Monday morning at 9:04 in Tyler, officials reported.

Officials reported that the pedestrian was lying on the track when struck near N. Bonner Avenue and W. Locust Street. One leg was severed but the pedestrian was still alive when emergency crews arrived.

“He was breathing and alive, so he was transported by EMS to a local hospital,” said Andy Erbaugh, the Tyler Police Department public information officer.

He later passed away at the medical center.

“Our crime scene is out here and have mapped out the scene. Our accident investigators, who are a part of our traffic department and they reconstruct accidents with laser measurements and photographs, they will do that as well. We are going to do the whole thing out here just because we don’t know again the ultimate reason he was on the tracks,” said Erbaugh.

The train remained in place for a few hours for the investigation, before moving on. Certain intersections already had crossing arms lowered in anticipation of the trains route. Drivers in the area were encouraged to seek alternative routes.

According to the Tyler Police Department, the original call came in from railroad dispatch and a second call came from train operator.

Information from Union Pacific reads as follows:

“At about 9 a.m. CDT today, a Union Pacific train struck and killed a pedestrian in Tyler, Texas.

“The incident did not occur at a crossing. It occurred north of the intersection of N. Bonner Avenue and W. Locust Street.

“The train crew was not injured. And, the pedestrian was transported to a local hospital, where he later died.

Tyler Police Department responded.”

Union Pacific
  • Tyler Police cars and a train overpass in the background
  • Tyler intersection of train overpass

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