TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Tyler Pounds Regional Airport increased the long-term parking rate and lost ticket fee.

The increases were approved by the Tyler City Council during their Wednesday meeting. Instead of $0.75 per hour, parking is now $1 per hour. The maximum $7/day rate remains unchanged.

The slight increase in the long-term hourly rate is “to help prolong the life of the equipment by removing coins from the operation and reducing the potential for equipment malfunction.”

The lost ticket fee will go from $50 to $75. The increase is to “encourage visitors to take steps to decrease the chance of losing a ticket.”

The new rates will go into effect after equipment and signage are updated. According to Airport Manager Steve Thompson, the process will be done no later than the end of February.

“Removing coins from our parking operation will help to streamline the exit process from our lot and may contribute to prolonging the life of our equipment,” Thompson said. “The increase in the lost ticket fee is more commensurate with longer-term stays when lost tickets become more likely. We will maintain the ability to adjust this fee for customers whose stay was shorter and will work with patrons to determine the correct amount when necessary.”